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the canyon

November 6, 2013


Mixing things up a bit, this story was based not on a phase or concept, but a picture. I admit I didn’t look at it very hard, so possibly it isn’t really a canyon at all. But it became a canyon in my head and a canyon on the page, and I’m pretty proud of […]

uss shark (SS-314)

May 21, 2013


Here we have it. I have finally caught up with my short stories. This is my latest, so from now on they can go up as soon as they are written. I cheated a bit with this story – it isn’t really about submarines at all. I fancied having a go at some Young Adult […]

paul solomon

May 7, 2013


Paul Solomon was a fascinating character. He was a New Age mystic type – with plenty to say about Atlantis and the Second Coming – but he was also a humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize nominee who died from injuries he received while trying to rescue a child from slavery in Thailand. Something more than […]


April 5, 2013


I don’t remember what inspired me, but I decided to play a bit lose with the topic and went for a trio of atmospheric, dog-themed folk stories, complete with a touch of over-the-top, ye olde writing. I can’t really explain my fascination with Black Shuck, but this isn’t the last time you’ll be seeing him. Dog […]


March 20, 2013


This story was based on an unsolved murder case. I took a few odd details from the story, but did not really feel comfortable about borrowing too much from the case. That was somebody’s friend, somebody’s daughter. For the same reason, I think we can skip the Wikipedia article it was harvested from. Saved “For […]

void / horror / cheese

February 26, 2013


This topic/set of random words was my choice, informed, I will admit, by an idea that had already half formed in my head. After a particularly pungent stilton provided by an old flatmate’s visiting dad (think “It’s got a burn on it” in a broad Devonshire accent), I wondered whether there were blue cheeses so […]

sword / highlands / romance

December 18, 2012


In this session we decided to set three words (object/location/theme) rather as an alternative to our randomly or not-so-randomly chosen topics. This gave me another opportunity to indulge my predilection for grand, pseudo-Biblical themes. The unseen antagonist probably owes a little to Cliver Barker’s Weaveworld. Reading it over again, I think it would possibly make quite a […]